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Welcome to The Gwubbins Web Site

Gwubbins is a friendly witch who lives in a far-away land where witches and magic are common place. In the Gwubbins stories you can follow her character and her friends, Eric the Wonky Wizard and the Pirate Twins, as they embark on many exciting adventures.

Written to provide good bedtime reading for the younger ones and entertaining stories for older children, the Gwubbins stories are available as e-books and Audio Books are coming soon!.

Designed to be enjoyed, but also written to a high standard of English, these stories are also amazingly good value and available world-wide.

This website hosts children’s pictures of Gwubbins.

We accept submissions from age 0-16years. Please send a digital copy (in jpeg form only) to be checked then added to the Gwubbins Picture Gallery.

Please include the child’s first name and age if you wish. No other information pertaining to the maker of the picture will be included.

So if a Gwubbins tale has inspired your child to make a picture relating to characters in the Gwubbins stories, we would be delighted to include it in the Gwubbins Gallery along-side the official pictures by Mary Lou Springstead.

Send your picture to ellajotaro (at)

Remember to include your name and age – although this is optional.