Ella Jo Street – Writer, Narrator, Performer, Producer

Ella Jo Street – writer, singer, songwriter, producer at Diamond Seeds Music Project.


Ella Jo was born in Luton and became a singer in 1985. She created Diamond Seeds, her music project, making three original albums, as well as a concept album called “Almost Anglo Saxon”, a study of musical history which blends with modern recording, teasing out  ghosts of a lost culture.

EllaJo03After travelling in Europe, the Near East and India, Ella Jo began writing. In 2012 she devised a Gwubbins story and wrote The Exploding Birthday Cake, her first children’s book. Building on her characters, four more books followed. Ella Jo began recording the narration in 2014 and eventually all five books will be available in audio form.


Ella Jo is executive producer at Diamond Seeds, along with Steve Spon.


Diamond Seeds writes and records its own original music, designs album covers and produces internet material for its website.

Ella Jo is currently working on a historical novel.

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